Everything Doors to Freedom invests is for the purpose of each girl experiencing freedom throughout her journey. You can empower that journey through our donation opportunities described below. Every dollar you give helps to bring new life, restored hope, and a beautiful future for girls rescued from sex trafficking.


Pass it On

All donations will help fund the salaries of the special women that will dedicate themselves to building healthy relationships with our girls.

Monthly or one-time, whatever amount, you help HER experience FREEDOM.


Walk Across the Bridge with me

Become a monthly sponsor $25.00 or more.

All donations will be an investment in the life of a child living at The Bridge 2 Home.  These investments will support her throughout her journey on The Bridge.

She will be empowered and encouraged to find her voice, and make healthy choices through our core values of faith, compassion, love, humility and trust. 


Building Bridges

This donation will go towards a specific project; such as Therapeutic Yoga, Horseback riding, music lesson an instrument or a sport.